Switzerland & Central Europe



Internet and connectivity

Our Swiss quality infrastructure covers large areas of Europe which enables us to provide you with a wide area of internet connectivity coverage.

IP Transit

Access more networks with lower latency and fewer hops. Using High Speed IP Transit connections


Find out more about events such as our bi-weekly Friday organised by openfactory and to which events we are going.


Workshop in Finland – OSINT from the perspective of an ISP

We are announcing our next workshop in cooperation with Date: 15.04.2022Time: 18:30Venue: Hub TurkuAddress: Nunnankatu 4 Learn to use the common tools that ISPs are using, to find out as much as they can about a Random IP Address, or an ISP. During the workshop we will cover the following tools and techniques

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Quality Customer Support

We take care of the needs of our customers and their infrastructure, always keeping an eye on the ecological and economic footprint of our solutions.

Openfactory provides BGP transit, Direct Internet Access and Last-mile Services in many areas of Europe.