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weird network problems – anything shouts at everything

preamble – analogies Imagine you have a car. Your car is something that needs to be maintained, so sometimes you fill in a bit of engine oil. Especially when it lights up with the check oil light. Similar to that, a computer sometimes asks for updates so you install them. Imagine if your car engine oil suddenly causes the side effect that you’re driving along nicely, but suddenly your car changes. Your Steering wheel is suddenly on the right shotgun seat, while the driving pedals are still on the left side. You’re asking for the car mechanic, but even the

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Support and infrastructure

We support the needs of our customers and their infrastructure, ethically, economically and ecologically.


We can operate whole administrative departments and infrastructure of a client company. We take care of complex IT-systems 24/7.

Direct to the root

Backbone infrastructure is the core of high-capacity Internet connections and high network availability. Openfactory operates its own backbones (AS 58299/AS 41666).

Quality Customer Support

We take care of the needs of our customers and their infrastructure, always keeping an eye on the ecological and economic footprint of our solutions.

Openfactory provides BGP transit, Direct Internet Access and Last-mile Services in many areas of Europe.