Direct to the root
Backbone infrastructure is the core of high-capacity Internet connections and high network availability. That is why Openfactory operates its own backbones with the AS numbers 58299 and 49192.
Direct to the root
Backbone infrastructure is the core of high-capacity Internet connections and high network availability. That is why Openfactory operates its own backbones with the AS numbers 58299 and 49192.

Our locations in Europe include:



Carrier Neutral Datacenters

  • Basel
    • IWB
    • Swisscom Grosspeter
  • Zug
    • Datawire
    • acdalis
  • Winterthur
    • AXA Winterthur
  • Zurich
    • InterXion Sägereistrasse
    • Colo Züri
    • Equinix Josefstrasse
    • e-Shelter (Rümlang)
  • Luzern
    • Fluhgrund

Private Datacenters

  • Frauenfeld
  • Glattfelden
  • Kloten Marktgasse
  • Winterthur (Bunker)

Fibre Networks

  • EWZ Zurich
  • Swisscom FTTH + DSL (BBCS)
  • Swisscom Carrier Ethernet Network
  • Gas&Com Carrier Services
  • Werke Wangen Brüttisellen
  • Kloten: IBK and Campus Marktgasse & Allegra Living
  • Otelfingen
  • EWL (Luzern)

Carrier Neutral Datacenters

  • Frankfurt
    • InterXion Campus Hanauer Landstrasse
    • Accelerated (Kruppstrasse)
    • Interwerk (Dieselstrasse)
  • Nürnberg
    • Hetzner Campus
  • Amsterdam
    • Halfweg
  • Liechtenstein
    • im Alten Riet
    • Rietacker


Internet Access

We offer Internet Access over Copper Based or Fiber Based Access

This is often called IP Access, Direct Internet Access (DIA) or Layer3.

Lets put it simple – what it does for you is that you get some IP Address from us – be that over a Copper we buy from Swisscom, another Copper we might buy from German Telekom (DTAG) – or even better – sometimes you are on a line that we even built ourselves.

If you’re on copper access – your bandwidth is limited on the distance to the next DSLAM – and also what technology the local carrier is using. Going from copper to fiber gets us to almost unlimited speeds. Given a 40GBIT/s switch, and a single fibre, you can provide 40’000 up, 40’000 down on a single wire.

Sometimes, the fiber lines aren’t there yet – so we need to pull fibres.
Openfactory has a number range from the Swiss OFCOM to give your OTO (optical termination outlets) a proper registered number, we work with good partners, and then we build our your building – given enough tenants want our service, it’s at the same price level of a regular FTTH connection. We will always try to get everyone in a building onto our network to give you a break in the costs.
Everything is possible, work with us and we work out a project without breaking the bank.

Access technologies include Wireless Backhaul (WiFi Technology), LTE with our own APN, DSL, Fiber, and Ethernet.

Carrier Services

Sometimes just moving IP packets in our responsibility is not enough.
Perhaps you want to define your own routing policy? run your own routing protocol? want us to help you build your backbone? need to run internal traffic between datacenters?

Or do you want to contract us to run your corporate network, with site to site tunnels and everything?
Or are you a managed SD-WAN provider and need a reliable partner to get you internet and MPLS Lines across countries, continents or worldwide?

We offer

  • Ethernet Point to Point or Multipoint
  • Ethernet tunnelled over 3rd Party carriers (comes with the drawback for reduced MTU, or slightly worse latency – thanks to MRRU we can reassemble the MTU size)
  • Encrypted Ethernet Tunnels – latency even worse, but you can ensure nobody can read the traffic. Supply your own smartcards to encrypt the traffic – we only manage the infrastructure
  • L3 VPN (Known as VRF) – depending on the customer needs.
  • Ethernet QinQ tunnels
  • Colocation and IXP Ports
  • VMs connected to IXPs for smaller networks, so you do not need to colocate routers in every country, but still peer locally.


Many people have a NAS at their home. some of them have a big one. Or a Server in their office Sometimes it gets too noisy, and it needs to go somewhere else.
Where do these go? Into a datacenter. That’s where we can also help you. We operate our own colocation in Switzerland, and we have many rented locations we can give you your own space. Or you get your own rack.

contact us with your bandwidth, space, and power needs. We will find a good place for your equipment. Be that in the concrete-bunker protected rocks of Switzerland, or in the Cold North in Finland – or anything in between. We got you covered here too.

Internet Access – International

Openfactory is able to provide you with internet Access directly from our backbone in

  • Switzerland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Austria
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany

But that’s not all – we are working with many vendors, so say, you need internet access in Prague? Sure thing – thanks to the awesome NOG communities in all areas of Europe and abroad, we can easily find something. We have access to the international Network of Colt, Cogent, and others – so everything can be arranged.

Internet Access – Wholesale

Are you an internet provider yourself and you need a line off-net?
The same way we work with partners in every country that have access to last miles and route it into our backbone – we can also extend that into another partners network and have them given access to our lines. Handover via Ethernet, or VPDN (L2TP) – even via the public routed internet is doable.

IP Transit

The internet is a mesh of small and big networks. All these networks have something we call an addressing element, or a prefix – in short, a block of IP addresses, be that IPv4 or IPv6.

All these networks have an unique identifier – it’s called an ASN (Autonomous System Number) – and they run BGPv4 between them and their neighbors.

In an ideal world, every network would have a cable to every other ASN. That’s going to be an amount of cables of several tens of thousands of cables, so lets run with 100k2 cables needed in total. Not really something that scales both from a practical terms (so many cables that break and break something) and also not financially.

So you could also pay someone to bring you to everyone else.

That’s a carrier. Some of these carriers grown so big, they agreed not to charge each other. That’s peering. And then there are carriers that don’t even have to pay anyone anymore for transit – that’s a Tier1 carrier. They can reach everyone by either a free peering, or even getting paid for it by their customers.

Openfactory runs a Tier2 Network – we have upstream carriers that we are connected to – right now these are within others, Init7, Hurricane, Cogent, Cyberlink and Meerfarbig in Germany (towards DTAG). Most of our traffic goes via other cables though, and we peer at Internet Exchanges (imagine this like a big switch, which saves a whole bunch of these cables – IXPs are an idea to solve this exponential cable problem together with BGP)

You can get IP transit from us – we can provide this in many datacenters across central europe. For non-profits and upcoming, we provide this under as a separate project – no SLA included here.

contact us with your bandwidth needs. We can also help you to get started with acquiring an ASN and some IP space.



We are running an IXP together with our partners. This IXP is available in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

  • AXA Datacenter Cluster in Winterthur
  • Equinix Zurich
  • InterXion Zurich
  • Luzern Fluhgrund
  • Liechtenstein Schaan: KOL Rietacker und SupraNet Datacenter
browse to for further info


We offer Free Transit to a few Projects
Netshelter IXP RS


More details about or network

Lightning fast

Our infrastructure allows 1000mbit on copper, 1000-10000Mbit on fiber and our routers are ready for 100GBit line-cards. We also have darkfibre lines with active and passive WDM

Peer with us

We are pursuing an open peering policy and can be found on the peeringdb.

Peering locations

  • SwissIX (up)
  • NL-ix (up)
  • LocIX (up)
  • CH-IX (up)
  • KleyRex (up)
  • DECIX (planned)
  • NIX (planned)
  • Rheintal IX (planned)
  • Private
  • Basel Grosspeter
  • Colo Züri
  • InterXion Sägereistrasse
  • Kruppstrasse - Frankfurt
  • Nürnberg Hetzner
  • Our range

    Our ring in Switzerland uses the triangle Zurich, Basel, Bern, another metro ring in the Zurich area, a ring Glattbrugg-Zurich-Zug and continues to various datacenters.

    Outside of Switzerland we are present in Frankfurt, Liechtenstein, and Amsterdam. The POP Nürnberg within the Hetzner Colocation Campus is going to open new reselling capabilities for extended failover resources.