Layer 2 networks
Reliable connectivity, securely delivered, wherever you need it.

Optimize latency,
and performance.

Secure, private connectivity solutions.

We make sure that your service or traffic receives the latency and performance you need, by working with you to choose the right QoS for your service and providing robust SLAs.

Whether you want to connect your own PoPs or reach new partners, we’ll implement the right levels of security, using the best technologies to build out the routing you need.

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Carrier Services

Sometimes maintaining IP packets in our responsibility is not enough.
Perhaps you need: Your own unique routing policy or protocol? Or need help building your backbone? Or simply need to run internal traffic between datacenters?

Or offload everything and contract us to run your corporate network from the ground up with site to site tunnels and everything?

If you are a managed SD-WAN provider we can be a reliable partner to get your internet and MPLS Lines across countries, continents or worldwide.

We offer

  • Ethernet Point to Point or Multipoint

  • Ethernet tunnelled over 3rd Party carriers (comes with the drawback for reduced MTU, or slightly increased latency – Thanks to a software-based solution we are able to still offer you the full Frame Size

  • Encrypted Ethernet Tunnels – further increases latency, but secures your traffic. Supply your own smartcards to encrypt the traffic, we manage the infrastructure.

  • L3 VPN (Known as VRF) – depending on the customer needs.

  • Ethernet QinQ tunnels




We are running an IXP together with our partners. This IXP is available in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

  • AXA Datacenter Cluster in Winterthur
  • Equinix Zurich
  • InterXion Zurich
  • Luzern Fluhgrund
  • Liechtenstein Schaan: KOL Rietacker und SupraNet Datacenter
browse to for further info


We offer Free Transit to a few Projects

We also are a sponsor for bandwidth and L2 on FogIXP

More details about or network

Lightning fast

Our infrastructure allows 1000mbit on copper, 1000-10000Mbit on fiber and our routers are ready for 100GBit line-cards. We also have darkfibre lines with active and passive WDM

Peer with us

We are pursuing an open peering policy and can be found on the peeringdb.

Peering locations

  • SwissIX (up)
  • NL-ix (up)
  • LocIX (up)
  • CH-IX (up)
  • FogIXP (up)
  • CommunityIX (up)
  • FrysIX (up)
  • LSIX (up)
  • SpeedIX (up)
  • KleyRex (up)
  • DECIX (up)
  • Rheintal IX (planned)
  • IXPs in Sweden and & Denmark (planned)
  • Private
  • Colo Züri
  • Equinix ZRH
  • Datawire & acdalis
  • Data 11 - Solothurn
  • InterXion Sägereistrasse
  • Kruppstrasse - Frankfurt
  • NIKHEF Amsterdam
  • Our range

    Our ring in Switzerland uses the triangle Zurich, Basel, Bern, another metro ring in the Zurich area, a ring Glattbrugg-Zurich-Zug and continues to various datacenters.

    Outside of Switzerland we are present in Frankfurt, Liechtenstein, and Amsterdam. The expansion to the Nordics has been started in 2022 with the slowdown of the pandemic restrictions