Homeoffice and us

It’s March, 2020. The dominating theme in every single media outlet? Beer.
Or isn’t it? Well, the word nobody can hear anymore is “Corona” – and in some way it also affects us as a business.

By our customer basis, we are dealing with a pretty side spectrum of customers. Some customers, like coffee shops and hotels, we are normally going on site, and take care of the Infrastrucutre of the customer on premises. Mostly, as a convenience and better service to the customer. But a lot of it can be done remotely, and via teamviewer.
On the other hand, we do an incredible amount of online services. Our PBX System already includes a Meeting / Conference room functionality that allows you to share your screen, and work together.

Our team is spread across Europe. If you call us, your call might be picked up by Remco, who sits in the UK. Hans, our code-master that can fix alsmost every crooked website and make it work fine again, sits in the lowlands with the Kaaskoopjes. One of our NOC Specialists works from home in Belgium.

That already leaves us with the need for tools to establish remote-collaboration.

Most imporant tool, our chat system. We do not rely on any cloud hosted solution for that, so we use our own instance of matrix.org and run Riot as Desktop Application.


Datacenterwise we are running in public datacenters, you can also ask the local staff to plug something in or instal it. For most of the emergencies, we try to have out-of-band (ILO) working. Our own DC can be visited by our staff without worrying about anyone carrying a disease.

So if we want to prepare already for Homeoffice, why not going somewhere nice. So – personally – I’m almost in Finland and I will perform my homeoffice from there. Interesting times ahead of us.

Phones, Mailsupport – nothing will change. You might miss us a bit though, because we are going to be doing most of our work via some remote support tool, or vpn now instead. And then sit in the sauna. To kill the virus, Finnish version of Antivirus.

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