Workshop in Finland – OSINT from the perspective of an ISP

We are announcing our next workshop in cooperation with Date: 15.04.2022Time: 18:30Venue: Hub TurkuAddress: Nunnankatu 4 Learn to use the common tools that ISPs are using, to find out as much as they can about a Random IP Address, or an ISP. During the workshop we will cover the following tools and techniques RIR databases Routing Traceroutes WHOIS BGP announcements Reverse DNS Reverse zone delegations Vuln databases Webservers in the same network Requirement: Laptops Due to space limitations, 10 people, we kindly ask you to register:

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You can now visit us in our newly opened office in Turku Finland!

Openfactory is looking forward to becoming part of the Turku culture and community.As part of our endeavour to engage with local entrepreneurs and interested people, we are proud to host a @turkusec workshop at @hubturku in our office today at 18:30 EETDuring this workshop, we will be playing with Wireguard VPN on some Mikrotik router, getting these to work together. There are a number of routers here for us to show real world examples.This workshop is limited to 10 spaces, we still have a few left, get in touch or register here: sure to bring your laptop.This event will

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Connectivity & Community

Connectivity is not just about cables, modems and switches. Being well connected is just as much about community as it is about fibre and data centres. People are just as important. In fact the people are what makes the difference. Having good relationships with your vendors and customers is a large element in our shared success story. Connectivity is about community (spirit) It is about caring for what you do. It is about sharing your experience and know how. This community spirit is one of our drivers for organizing the bi-weekly after work event, known as virtual beering, although having

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DE-CIX logo

Migration between IXP Peering LANs on VyOS – how-to

With DE-CIX Munich having an upcoming migration to accommodate for new members, we’re up against the challenge to re-address all our peering sessions. Approach As I’m both lazy and not that good at programming, I quickly jump to for loops and usage of awk.Of course there’s more elegant ways, but I know it works well, and it’s easier to understand and read. Given the information by DE-CIX, the migration is from 80.81.202/24 to there’s nothing on the upper /24, we don’t need to account for that in this migration. Deleting the old peers The command we’ve used is as

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Artillery barrage – Stories from the trenches #3

Would you post your address on social media and say you are having an all invited free party? Chances are you won’t. Because you know that this will result in some unwanted guests that can turn your house into a mess if not worse. By installing a Minecraft server you are doing exactly the same but with worse consequences as it will not only effect your own house but also the houses of your (virtual) neighbours. This what happened to one of our customers Timeline 1st attack. The first attack took place on Wednesday the 17th during the night. The

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