Your cyber security is our passion.

We work with the minimal standard of the federal office for economic supply for checking your health status.
We do consult our clients on a regular basis and are often a go-to partner if irregularities occur.
Writing and implementing processes is something we do daily, for example in our sister company which runs automatically to support us in the provisioning of standard products everyone needs.

We provide security consulting (check up on your infrastructure, keeping it secure, we also do penetration testing and have been doing some red teaming including phishing campaign to try to establish a vector into our customers network. In our day to day operations, we are running a blue team which will take care of all security alerts and incidents depending on your service level and individual needs You can book us to go and do incident response, gather forensic evidence, and help.

Emergency / flex infrastructure - we have extensive hardware to also help you in emergency cases, e.g if your infrastructure has gone out due to unexpected issues like attacks on your infrastructure, peak due to events e.g more staff on board temporarily, or if you need to upgrade your hardware and need additional resources for a migration. also doable for connectivity
One of the core competencies of our technicians is to find the one needle in the haystack - or in cyber security, the thing that sticks out. Often very hidden, leads to the root cause of strange effects, or leftovers.