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The Gold Standard in Retail Hands-On Support - IMAC+R+D

Where innovation meets practical application for retail businesses across Europe. With years of experience and specialized expertise, we’ve become the trusted partner for numerous retail giants, from bustling coffee chains to expansive supermarket networks. Here’s a closer look at how we seamlessly integrate with your operations and ensure that your retail environment is always at its best.

What is IMAC?
IMAC stands for Install, Move, Add, and Change. These four pillars form the foundation of any equipment’s lifecycle in a retail setting.

The Added Layers: R and D
Beyond IMAC, our team recognizes the comprehensive needs of today’s retailers:

Removal (R): Whether it’s due to renovations or store revamps, we undertake the task of carefully removing equipment, ensuring that your store’s transformation is unhampered by technological constraints.

Disposal (D): In an era where sustainability is pivotal, disposing of old or redundant equipment responsibly is paramount. We ensure that all equipment is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, adhering to the strictest regulations and standards.

Pre-Staging for Perfection

✅ Before any system goes live, we meticulously prestage the equipment. This covers a comprehensive range of tools and systems, including Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, advanced networking equipment, payment terminals, and all necessary peripherals. By doing this, we ensure that your equipment is not just operational, but optimized for peak performance from day one.

Collaboration with Vendors

✅ A cohesive effort is the backbone of any successful project. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with vendors, ensuring that every piece of equipment and every software solution integrates seamlessly into your retail environment. Our collaborations are forged on trust, expertise, and a shared vision of excellence.

On-Site Installation during Construction

✅ Timing is crucial in retail. We recognize that every day counts, which is why our team is on the ground, installing necessary equipment during your store’s construction phase. This proactive approach guarantees that as soon as your doors are ready to open, so are your systems.

Testing and Standby Support

✅ Ensuring that your systems work is just the first step; ensuring they work flawlessly is our goal. Post-installation, we conduct rigorous tests to ensure optimal functionality. Moreover, during your opening phase, our team can be on standby, ready to address any hitches, ensuring a smooth launch.

Renovation Support

✅ When it’s time to revamp, we’re right there with you. We carefully remove equipment during renovations, store them safely, and then seamlessly reintegrate them post-renovation. Our meticulous process ensures that your systems are back up and running efficiently as soon as your new-look store is ready.

Spare Parts and Rapid Response

✅ In the dynamic world of retail, unexpected issues can arise. But with Openfactory GmbH by your side, you’re never alone. We maintain a stockpile of spare parts, enabling us to react promptly to any equipment failures. Our rapid-response team is adept at swiftly replacing broken gear, minimizing downtime, and ensuring business continuity.

Decommissioning Services

✅ As your business evolves, some stores might need to close or relocate. In such scenarios, we’re there to ensure a smooth transition. We professionally decommission stores, ensuring all equipment is safely and efficiently removed, stored, or repurposed as needed.

Experience the Openfactory Difference

Our commitment isn’t just to provide solutions but to weave ourselves into the fabric of your retail business. Just as every product on your shelf matters, every service we offer is crafted to ensure that your operations run smoothly, efficiently, and ahead of the curve.