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Connectivity is not just about cables, modems and switches. Being well connected is just as much about community as it is about fibre and data centres. People are just as important. In fact the people are what makes the difference. Having good relationships with your vendors and customers is a large element in our shared success story.

Connectivity is about community (spirit) It is about caring for what you do. It is about sharing your experience and know how.

This community spirit is one of our drivers for organizing the bi-weekly after work event, known as virtual beering, although having an alcoholic drink is of course purely optional. It is hard to attach a label to this event, as it is not a networking event, but networking most definitely happens. It is not really after works either even though it starts at the end of the working day on Friday, you can join late in the evening as these events are known to continue well into the night. Nor is it a workshop, but there is always a good chance you may learn something, albeit a new cookery technique or the latest info on MPLS,

Find out for yourself by requesting an invitation to the next event via the community button on the homepage.

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