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Lit buildings

This is a building which inside has fibre optic cable throughout and fibre optic cable up to the property itself. Although you may be located in a fibre enabled area, more often then not the last cable from your property to the first street cabinet is still copper. This means that your speed is determined by this last cable.

There is an industry tendency to refer to all internet connections as fibre broadband but I find this dishonest. It is techno-washing of the customer.

There is a tendency in the industry to techno-wash the customers. Counting on the fact that they do not understand the terminology used the customer is frequently over sold. In particular the term “Fibre internet” gets misused on a global scale. When the big ISP’s sell you a fibre internet connection more often than not (in particular in the UK) you dont actually get fibre, the simple reason being, that the last cable to your property is copper.

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