“my email is not working”

If you are a marketing/design/advertising agency and are established there is a good chance that by now you will have a reasonable amount of hosting clients in your portfolio. As the industry evolved and became more digital, most of you will have gone through the process of where a customer will have asked you to build them a website, often with the question can you also take care of the hosting and email?

Having to deal with technical customer service questions can become a drain for a creative agency as it is simply not what they do. Their heart is not in it.

And we know it is a sensitive topic. You have built a relationship with your client and their creative needs, those needs you understand, your care about this relationship. But you also have to manage something that is out of your control.

The same applies if you are a freelancer, you may well have built a number of websites, but over time the hosting customer service element will start taking its toll on your (creative) productivity.

We know this pain, we love this pain, we are the cure. Not the band, and boys DO cry but this is our passion. We have a variety of solutions in our collection that can help you deal with this pain and ensure that your client relationship is maintained.

Within our team we have a number of Open Source experts (some serious face foliage included), who are very familiar with WordPress and Drupal, which have been the CMS of choice for those entering the website building arena. This means that we are able to manage all the maintenance and issues that may arise, including those pesky security updates.

If you are an agency or a freelancer who would like to discuss in confidence the possibilities that we can offer, then do not hesitate to get in touch.

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