Artillery barrage – Stories from the trenches #3

Would you post your address on social media and say you are having an all invited free party?

Chances are you won’t. Because you know that this will result in some unwanted guests that can turn your house into a mess if not worse.

By installing a Minecraft server you are doing exactly the same but with worse consequences as it will not only effect your own house but also the houses of your (virtual) neighbours.

This what happened to one of our customers


1st attack.

The first attack took place on Wednesday the 17th during the night. The following morning (Thursday, 18th) the customer was informed by its vendor that a dDoS attack had taken place against one of their IP addresses which was subsequently shut down. It is common practice for the customer to have to clarify to the vendor what activities took place in order to prevent spam, cybercrime, abuse, etc after such an event.

2nd attack.

Saturday the 27th in morning the customer was informed by the vendor that a second dDoS attack had started and claimed it was still ongoing

Sunday morning at 10:20 AM openfactory was contacted by the customer (@debXXX) and rapid mitigating measures started.

“@debXXX I am currently coming up with a workaround to get your IP’s back & working again:” 10:20 AM

The customers subnet is moved to the openfactory backbone. A GRE tunnel which runs over existing infrastructure and requires no cross connects was prepared and next day physical migration to new datacenter scheduled.

“but you’re back online” 1:19 PM

Concluding that weeks episode of openfactory saves the day (again)

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